Pirelli - Cinturato P1

Pirelli - Cinturato P1 TiresThe Pirelli Cinturato P1 tire is perfect for drivers who love their environment as much as they love to drive. Eco-friendly materials are used to create a lighter tire with reduced rolling resistance, for energy efficiency and better fuel economy. And since this tire is part of Pirelli's Green Performance line, you get enhanced durability and quiet, competent dry or wet traction, as the optimized tread pattern safely and comfortably embraces the road.

Tire Features

  • Tread design with specific pitch sequence reduces road noise
  • Lightweight materials and aerodynamic sidewalls reduce rolling resistance for lower CO2 emissions and better fuel economy
  • Tension control and tire profile help minimize road impact for improved comfort
  • Hybrid materials and innovative tread design optimize tire footprint for longer lasting wet and dry performance

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