Nitto - Dune Grappler

Nitto - Dune Grappler TiresWhat's better than knowing you have competent off-road traction that won't let you down in harsh terrain? How about getting to and from the dunes in quiet comfort? The Nitto Dune Grappler tire does both. The tread blocks provide excellent off-road grip and reduce movement for better wear and reduced noise, while the channels in between work to clear away dirt and sand. The sidewalls resist punctures and feature different designs on each side for versatility.

Tire Features

  • Tread ‘bridges’ keep the tread blocks from flexing, limiting heat build-up and extending performance
  • Intermediate void ratio located between the tread blocks helps clear away dirt and sand for better off-road traction
  • Two sidewall designs give you style options -- one side features traditional lettering; flip it around and you get Old English lettering
  • Tapered, flat tread design creates a wide surface and solidifies the tread blocks for better traction and high-speed stability
  • Three-ply sidewall design and sidewall lugs help create a puncture-resistant surface

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