Nexen - Roadian A/T Pro RA8

Nexen - Roadian A/T Pro RA8 TiresBuilt with a rounded shoulder to deliver a sporty, European-style handling profile, the Michelin Pilot MXM4 tire lets you take your vehicle to the edge of its performance capabilities while still offering a quiet, comfortable ride. No wonder it's Original Equipment on luxury cars like the Mercedes C-Class. The tread incorporates a pattern that gives you reliable grip all year round, plus noise-reducing technology to keep your ride quiet.

Tire Features

  • Tread designed with numerous biting edges for all-season grip
  • Comfort Control Technology; computer-optimized design reduces vibrations and road noise
  • MaxTouch Construction; distributes forces of acceleration, cornering, and braking for longer wear
  • Variable and full-depth sipes for control and traction in challenging conditions, even light snow
  • Banded At Zero (BAZ) Technology; increases stability and responsiveness by maintaining the tire shape at high speeds

Sizes Available